St George's (London)

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The aim of this study is to help understand the STORY of infectious diseases in the UK. One of the ways our bodies develop protection against infectious diseases is by developing antibodies, either after an infection or following a vaccination.  We can measure the antibodies to see how well protected we are from those infectious diseases.

To do this we are working with Public Health England to develop to collect blood samples from a selection of 0-24 year olds from across England.  There will be at least 2300 participants.  


What happens in this study?

  • We are looking to enrol children and adults aged from birth to 24 years old.
  • There will be a single visit with a blood test. 
  • We will ask you some basic information including age, gender, vaccination history.
  • We will arrange to see you in a clinic in a location near to you or in some cases in your home. 
  • Participants seen in clinics will be offered £20 reimbursement in the form of a voucher for taking part in the study. If they are seen at home there will be no reimbursement.
  • Local anaesthetic skin cream would be used for children to reduce any discomfort from blood sampling
  • The whole appointment should take around 45 minutes.


Which postcode areas are we looking at?

Recruitment for this study will target postcodes which have been identified, by Public Health England, to try to evaluate a representative section of the population of people aged between 0-24 years.

The postcodes initially selected for this region are as follows:


  • CR4
  • KT18
  • KT6
  • SM3
  • SW11
  • SW20


    st georges map

    Selected postcodes are shown in light blue  

    Where can I find out more information?


    The study information booklet contains more information.

    Click here to download the Adult Study Information Booklet

    Click here to download the Parent Study Information Booklet

    Click here to download the 7-10 Year Old Study Information Booklet

    Click here to download the 11-15 Year Old Study Information Booklet


    After reading the above information, if would like to take part in this study please contact the study team on: 

    If you haven’t got access to e-mail, you can call them on: 0208 725 2780 or 0208 725 2804

    Please note, due to the large amount of interest in this study, there may be a delay in the study team getting back to you.